GetText for Windows

GetText: library and tools for native language support




A well integrated set of tools and documentation to help programmers, translators, and users make other GNU packages produce multi-lingual messages. The tools include a set of conventions about how programs should be written to support message catalogs, a directory and file naming organzation for those message catalogs, a runtime library that supports retrieval of translated messages, and a few stand-alone programs to manipulate sets of strings. A special GNU Emacs mode also helps work with these strings.

Libintl is a library that provides native language support to programs. It is part of Gettext.



If you download the Setup program of the package, any requirements for running applications, such as dynamic link libraries (DLL's) from the dependencies as listed below under Requirements, are already included. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must download and install the dependencies zip file yourself. Developer files (header files and libraries) from other packages are however not included; so if you wish to develop your own applications, you must separately install the required packages.

DescriptionDownloadSizeLast changeMd5sum
• Complete package, except sources Setup  4090445 6 May 2005  3582198c137c5316ea7152b8ede004e0
• Sources Setup  3522061 6 May 2005  31e8194271a0fb3c5ccaf374ea18f25c
• Binaries Zip  1606131 6 May 2005  9e6b5499fa794ce6b8cebb8d9b850dd9
• Dependencies Zip  715086 6 May 2005  b000047690d3030f231e160e2a6d101e
• Developer files Zip  83049 6 May 2005  0c215bc2267b085dc05aec08f01a56f8
• Documentation Zip  2871182 6 May 2005  e9df72d092a30bed2fe1ee17846a589f
• Sources Zip  10122917 6 May 2005  e3164d0aa24dd0e1c867a8e2a9e5edfc

You can also download the files from the GnuWin32 files page.

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Requirements for running applications, excluding external ones such as msvcrt.dll, perl, etc, are included in the Setup program and the dependencies zip file.