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wv is a library which allows access to Microsoft Word files. It can load and parse Word 2000, 97, 95 and 6 file formats. (These are the file formats known internally as Word 9, 8, 7 and 6.) There is some support for reading earlier formats as well: Word 2 docs are converted to plaintext.

Provided with the wv distribution is an application called wvWare. wvWare is a "power-user" application with lots of command-line options, doo-dads, bells, and whistles. Less interesting, but more convenient, are the helper scripts that use wvWare. These are:




If you download the Setup program of the package, the dependencies as listed below under Requirements, are already included if they are available from GnuWin32; so, standard operating-system libraries, such as msvcrt.dll, are not included. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must download and install the dependencies zip file yourself.

DescriptionDownloadSizeLast changeMd5sum
• Complete package, except sources Setup  2322754 21 November 2004  0fff7da7b6b59a3d3ea552e5830bab8e
• Sources Setup  911553 21 November 2004  eeb556b81433323201256fd461020ea8
• Binaries Zip  590548 21 November 2004  24c99a72686bad29e603c303b6d2db52
• Dependencies Zip  2734266 21 November 2004  b5008fa58a6d10c99812c72c6c646197
• Developer files Zip  148470 21 November 2004  7cb94d422aff27bbb3f697ac16b28caa
• Documentation Zip  42112 21 November 2004  9eaf8d8cf7cedc4577e1197261c59480
• Sources Zip  1570928 21 November 2004  cdbd62f8a371fc4499110314929532e1

You can also download the files from the GnuWin32 files page.

You can monitor new releases of the port of this package.

Installation and Usage

General Installation Instructions


All required packages from GnuWin32, excluding libgw32c and external ones such as msvcrt.dll, perl, etc, are included in the Setup program and the dependencies zip file.

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