T1Utils for Windows

T1Utils: utilities for Postscript Type-1 fonts




Six free UNIX/Windows command-line tools for dealing with Type 1 fonts. This is a revision of I. Lee Hetherington’s beloved t1utils package. t1ascii changes PFB (binary) fonts into PFA (ASCII) format; t1binary goes the opposite direction. t1disasm translates PFBs or PFAs into a human-readable and -editable format; t1asm goes the opposite direction. Finally, t1unmac (formerly unpost) translates a Macintosh Type 1 font into either PFB or PFA format, and t1mac goes the opposite direction.



Sources: http://www.lcdf.org/type


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• Complete package, except sources Setup  379132 24 March 2008  ff38036bf71478f278d8dc85f29cd0c8
• Sources Setup  418194 24 March 2008  60ea3c6e3669d06a1bdd624a9c6e857a
• Binaries Zip  133092 24 March 2008  51d470764cb5b306c71539d35d8401dd
• Documentation Zip  59911 24 March 2008  c93e0e2f033d5f0842d61e7032ff76c7
• Sources Zip  223601 24 March 2008  f9cbb79ed3d342e21e7c892c217ceb58
• Original sourcehttp://www.lcdf.org/type/t1utils-1.34.tar.gz

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