PngUtils for Windows

Png: utilities for PNG images




PngUtils is a collection of utilities for PNG images:



If you download the Setup program of the package, the dependencies, as listed below under Requirements, are already included, apart from msvcrt.dll. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must download and install the dependencies zip file.

DescriptionDownloadSizeLast change
• Complete package, except sources Setup  2317335 26 January 2004
• Binaries Zip  2377094 26 January 2004
• Dependencies Zip  360084 26 January 2004
• Documentation Zip  137588 26 January 2004
• Sources Zip  2260570 26 January 2004

You can also download the files from the GnuWin32 files page.

Installation and Usage

General Installation Instructions


All required packages from GnuWin32, i.e. excluding msvcrt.dll, perl, etc, are included in the Setup program and the dependencies zip file.

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