Nenscript for Windows

Nenscript: format an ASCII file and convert to PostScript




A clone of the proprietary enscript program from Adobe Systems. For those who have never used enscript, it is a good ASCII to Postscript converter.

The main features of nenscript are:
- produces Postscript output which fully conforms to the Document Structuring Conventions - support for normal and "gaudy" output - support for single or double column output - allows insertion of titles and headers in any font. - multiple copies of a document

Features additional to nenscript are:
- automatic wrapping of long lines
- availability under MSDOS
- executable is self contained - no additional files required



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• Complete package, except sources Setup  314509 13 March 2005  ed7e0d45b380520f00cf0d7c3038f886
• Sources Setup  306531 13 March 2005  3a83f419ef95ca1f8c40bda65ecdb51d
• Binaries Zip  27955 13 March 2005  b5ae32ad0660ac3a5c8df9ba1e868896
• Documentation Zip  23357 13 March 2005  fb91fe57afcf192ffa7a42e37b8a0a3c
• Sources Zip  62853 13 March 2005  e282395732216fea2a9ceb105766b45c

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