Make for Windows

Make: GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs




Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. Make gets its knowledge of how to build your program from a file called the makefile, which lists each of the non-source files and how to compute it from other files. When you write a program, you should write a makefile for it, so that it is possible to use Make to build and install the program.

Capabilities of Make



If you download the Setup program of the package, any requirements for running applications, such as dynamic link libraries (DLL's) from the dependencies as listed below under Requirements, are already included. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must download and install the dependencies zip file yourself. Developer files (header files and libraries) from other packages are however not included; so if you wish to develop your own applications, you must separately install the required packages.

DescriptionDownloadSizeLast changeMd5sum
• Complete package, except sources Setup  3384653 25 November 2006  8ae51379d1f3eef8360df4e674f17d6d
• Sources Setup  1252948 25 November 2006  b896c02e3d581040ba1ad65024bbf2cd
• Binaries Zip  495645 25 November 2006  3521948bc27a31d1ade0dcb23be16d49
• Dependencies Zip  708206 25 November 2006  d370415aa924fa023411c4099ef84563
• Documentation Zip  2470575 25 November 2006  43a07e449d4bab3eb3f31821640ecab7
• Sources Zip  2094753 25 November 2006  8bed4cf17c5206f8094f9c96779be663

You can also download the files from the GnuWin32 files page.

You can monitor new releases of the port of this package.

Installation, Usage and Help

General Installation Instructions

GnuWin32 Help (feature requests, bugs, etc)


Requirements for running applications, excluding external ones such as msvcrt.dll, perl, etc, are included in the Setup program and the dependencies zip file.

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