LibUTF8 for Windows

LibUTF8: Unicode/UTF-8 locale plugin




This library provides UTF-8 locale support, for use on systems which don't have UTF-8 locales, or whose UTF-8 locales are unreasonably slow.

It provides support for

libutf8 is for you if your application supports 8-bit and multibytes locales like chinese or japanese, and you wish to add UTF-8 locale support but the corresponding support lacks from your system.

libutf8 is for you also if your application supports only 8-bit locales, and you wish to add UTF-8 locale support. Because libutf8 implements an ISO/ANSI C compatible set of types and functions, the support for libutf8 you add will also automatically work (without libutf8) with other multibytes locales, as far as supported by the system.



If you download the Setup version of the package, the dependencies, as listed below under Requirements, are already included, apart from msvcrt.dll. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must take care of the dependencies yourself.

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