LibArt_LGPL for Windows

LibArt_LGPL: library for high-performance 2D graphics




Libart is a 2D drawing library: its goal is to be a high-quality vector-based 2D library with antialiasing and alpha composition.

Libart is a high-performance rendering library that provides a rich imaging model. Libart's imaging model is a superset of PostScript, and it adds support for antialiasing and alpha compositing (transparency).

Libart is used as the core rendering engine for both the GNOME canvas and the GNOME printing system. It uses sophisticated techniques such as microtile arrays and sorted vector paths to maximize performance.

Libart provides a wealth of vector path-manipulation operations, affine transformations, antialiased and alpha-composited vector path rendering, and functions for manipulating Bézier paths.

Applications for Libart are numerous and cross many disciplines. A brief sampling follows:



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