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gsar (General Search And Replace) is a utility for searching for and --- optionally --- replacing strings in both text and binary files. The search and replace strings can contain all kinds of characters (0--255), i.e. Ctrl characters and extended ASCII as well.

The algorithm used is a variation of the Boyer-Moore search algorithm, modified to search binary files. As a result of this, gsar is blindingly fast.

Opposed to line oriented search programs (like grep(1)), gsar will find all matches on a line. Actually, gsar doesn't know anything about lines at all, all files and strings are treated as binary.

Gsar can search one or several files for a string and report the occurrences. Gsar can read one file, search for a string, replace it with some other string, and create a new file containing the changes. Gsar can perform a search and replace in multiple files, overwriting the originals. Finally, gsar can work as a filter, reading from standard input and writing to standard output.




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