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Grap is a language for typesetting graphs specified and first implemented by Brian Kernigan and Jon Bentley at Bell Labs. It is an expressive language for describing graphs an incorporating them in typeset documents. It is implemented as a preprocessor to Kernigan's pic language for describing languages, so any system that can use pic can use grap.

grap is a pic(1) pre-processor. It takes commands embedded in a troff(1) source file which are surrounded by .G1 and .G2 macros, and rewrites them into pic commands to display the graph. Other lines are copied. Output is always to the standard output, which is usually redirected. Input is from the given filenames, which are read in order. A filename of - is the standard input. If no filenames are given, input is read from the standard input.

Because grap is a pic preprocessor, and gnu pic will output TeX, it is possible to use grap with TeX.




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Installation, Usage and Help

Grap can be installed in any directory, provided the subdirectory structure is maintained. Grap first looks for the compiled-in location of its defines file (C:/Progra~1/Groff/share/grap/grap.defines), and then for share/grap/grap.defines in the actual installation directory. Alternative locations of the defines file can be given by setting the environment variable GRAP_DEFINES to a semicolon separated list of directories in which to search the defines file. If that value is a relative path name, the path specified in the M option given to grap will be searched for it. GRAP_DEFINES may itself be overridden by the files specified in the D option given to grap. Example: if your defines file is in D:\Grap, then you should set: set GRAP_DEFINES=D:/Grap/grap.defines If you wish to use grap as preprocessor to groff by using the -G option, then grap.exe must be in your path. Note that in the present version of groff it is not possible to give the D option to groff; it will not pass it on to grap.

General Installation Instructions

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