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Glpk: GNU Linear Programming Kit




GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) is intended for solving large scale linear programming problems by means of the revised simplex method. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and organized in the form of a library. It is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer linear programming (MIP), and other related problems.

GLPK has the following main features:




If you download the Setup program of the package, any requirements for running applications, such as dynamic link libraries (DLL's) from the dependencies as listed below under Requirements, are already included. If you download the package as Zip files, then you must download and install the dependencies zip file yourself. Developer files (header files and libraries) from other packages are however not included; so if you wish to develop your own applications, you must separately install the required packages.

DescriptionDownloadSizeLast changeMd5sum
• Complete package, except sources Setup  2749160  4 December 2008  36110f03952907c900220e33eef27db7
• Sources Setup  2001463  4 December 2008  ee7f2ef8ce347b673cd6e5c00ec6d7aa
• Binaries Zip  443179  4 December 2008  7a036183bb2aa28a1e3a5173d3dee826
• Developer files Zip  38992  4 December 2008  d7a931e21a7266e591a276444bd4fc16
• Documentation Zip  2075625  4 December 2008  ac42bf0f3735de6a5ba75cfe7367bc5e
• Sources Zip  2361285  4 December 2008  212658614c45b62b4b20c4d83ccbfa2f
• Dependencies Zip  59602 10 February 2008  86e5d193404cc97532287d57d4f3ccc1
• Original source

You can also download the files from the GnuWin32 files page. New releases of the port of this package can be monitored.

Installation, Usage and Help

General Installation Instructions

GnuWin32 Help (feature requests, bugs, etc)


Requirements for running applications, excluding external ones such as msvcrt.dll, perl, etc, are included in the Setup program and the dependencies zip file.

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