CompFace for Windows

CompFace: compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files




Compface provides utilities and a library to convert from/to X-Face format, a 48x48 bitmap format used to carry thumbnails of email authors in a mail header. Compface is a filter for generating highly compressed representations of 48x48x1 face image files. Uncompface is an inverse filter which performs an inverse transformation with no loss of data.



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• Complete package, except sources Setup  315206 4 October 2005  406732e2f70c98f861b3ffa7ae6e2652
• Sources Setup  330582 4 October 2005  4c1c1cfbc71bdd8c103b151063408f83
• Binaries Zip  25788 4 October 2005  7122666c0587a378f99abc6793c2b778
• Developer files Zip  12312 4 October 2005  031b17354926e4ec58412b60213aa2c1
• Documentation Zip  20342 4 October 2005  f54fdb8c20a3866ff7e0268558144a3d
• Sources Zip  92363 4 October 2005  208a79c628e6777922da741f0982e835

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