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Awka: AWK to C translator and library




Awka is an open-source implementation of the AWK programming language.

Awka is not an interpreter like Gawk, Mawk or Nawk, but instead it converts the program to ANSI-C, then compiles this using gcc or a native C compiler to create a binary executable. This means you must have an ANSI C compiler present on your system for Awka to work.



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• Complete package, except sources Setup  761400 27 October 2005  348d7023d3221e3a57e3d8d269469c35
• Sources Setup  615921 27 October 2005  6533cfbb0e2d5d379edfa6928f69386a
• Binaries Zip  174553 27 October 2005  662dcda1927f3b592f48f045a60eee54
• Developer files Zip  120916 27 October 2005  3e0ac1832b50dc29e00b5a3200149e3b
• Documentation Zip  286932 27 October 2005  4c9b8b5870dccd224be39db29b52fcd7
• Sources Zip  615825 27 October 2005  70f605fdf0d147eadff7f9fce8a336e0

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