Other software for MS-Windows

Note that not all software on this page is free software. It is however, free to use ('freeware').


7-Zip: general archiver (zip, bzip2, tar, rpm, rar, deb), with GUI

Bzip2: compression utility

Gzip: compression utility (replacement for compress)

Info-Zip: zip and unzip tools and GUI (WiZ)

TUGZip: general GUI archiver


Collections of GNU packages

GNU utilities for Win32: a fairly complete collection of older versions of basic GNU tools, e.g. fileutils, findutils, shellutils, and textutils

Mingw32 Package Repository: some packages compiled with Mingw, e.g. expat (XML parser), gdbm (GNU database manager), gmp (GNU library for arbitrary precision ), guile (GNU extension language library), pcre (Perl-compatible regular expression library), rx (regular expression library)

Reference documentation of open-source software: documentation of most GNU packages


Compilers and languages

Borland C++ Builder Compiler

Ch:  a complete C interpreter supporting all features in the ISO C90 Standard, wide characters,  in Addendum 1 for C90,
real and complex IEEE-754 floating-point arithmetic, and many salient C++ features including classes and objects
LCC: C compiler

DevC++: GUI for C


Mingw: GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

Nasm: free portable assembler for the Intel 80x86

Perl: scripting language: Win32 port

Python: scripting language: Win32 port

Tcl/Tk: scripting language: Win32 port

Vide: GUI for C



1st Page 2000: HTML editor

2xEditor: text editor

AbiWord: text editor

Biew: binary-file editor

Emacs (NT Emacs): extensible text editor and application development system based on Emacs

Nano: text editor

OxEdit: text editor

WnBrowse: file browser

Xemacs: extensible text editor and application development system based on Emacs


Image editors

Gimp: GNU image manipulation program

TkPaint: graphics program based on Tcl/Tk (also available as stand-alone Win32 program)


Image viewers

Gplot: viewer for CGM images

ImageMagick: convert many image types

IrfanView: viewer and converter for many image types

RalCgm: viewer and converter for CGM images

XnView: viewer and converter for many image types


Media Players




MS-Windows API

On-line Reference Windows API

On-line Run-Time Library Reference (MSVCRT)

Windows API Help

Windows Resources Help


Postscript and PDF

Ghostscript: Postscript and PDF reader and converter

GsView: GUI for Ghostscript

HtmlDoc: convert HTML to PDF


Adobe Blue Book: Postscript language tutorial and cookbook and examples

Adobe Green Book: Postscript language program design

Adobe Red Book: Postscript language reference

Adobe Black Book: Adobe type-1 font format

A first guide to Postscript

Pdfmark Primer: introduction to Pdfmarks

Pdfmark Reference Manual

Pdf Reference

TinyHelp: introduction to Postscript

Thinking in Postscript



2xExplorer: dual pane explorer

Ch: an interpretive implementation of C as Unix/MS-DOS shell

Dependency Walker: view dependencies of executables or dynamic link libraries

cURL: tool for transferring files with URL syntax

Gnu Midnight Commander: clone of Norton Commander

Zsh: command-line shell



Gretl: GNU regression estimation and time-series library

R: GNU language and environment for statistical computing and graphics (replacement for S+)



BibDB: bibliographic database editor

JaBref: bibliography reference manager

LyX: GUI front end for TeX

MikTeX: TeX implementation

TkBibTeX: bibliographic database editor for use with Tcl/Tk

TkInfo: reader of Info files, for use with Tcl/Tk




CygWin: Unix on MS-Windows

DJGPP: Unix on DOS

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU): Posix on MS-Windows

UWin: Unix on MS-Windows


Bell Labs Papers

Bell Labs (P)reprints

Bell Labs Reports

Single UNIX Specification, Version 2

Single UNIX Specification, Version 3

Unix 7th Edition Manual

Unix Tenth Edition Manual

Unix Heritage Society



Arachnoid programs, such as AboutTime, an Internet time client and server

Agrep: an approximate Grep

AbiSource: a replacement for MS Office

Juan M. Aguirregabiria's freeware programs, such as TeX Organizer, Command Line Shell, LaTeX Macros

Less: file viewer